Climate Facts Presentation

Jun 27, 2019 by

The GST Climate Facts Meeting was a Great Success!

You’ve heard them: Ice is melting! Seas are rising! We only have twelve years left!
Alarmists seek to restructure society, curtail your freedom (and make a buck selling carbon credits).

As the great W. Edwards Deming said: “In God we Trust. Others, bring data.”


Joseph D’Aleo gave us the data in a clear, interesting, informative and humorous presentation!
A Weather Channel Founder and American Meteorological Society Fellow, D’Aleo has over 48 years in professional meteorology including research on multivariate statistical modeling for long range forecasting.
He described how the weather and climate data have been “adjusted” in a way to show warming.
Joe also described the (fraudulent) basis of the claim that “97% of scientists agree” on global warming.

Click here to read the Real Facts in Joe D’Aleo’s presentation at the GST Climate Facts Meeting.

Click here to watch Joe’s presentation.

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