GST Testimony Against State Run FMLI

Feb 27, 2019 by

GST Submitted Testimony Against SB 1 State-Run Mandatory Family and Medical Leave insurance.
This bill establishes a system of paid family and medical leave insurance.
Click here for status information and a link to read the bill.

The House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee met 2/26/19 to hear testimony.
GST Chairman Ray Chadwick provided the following statement.
Granite State Taxpayers Opposes SB1 which Mandates State Run Family Medical Leave Insurance.
We consider that to mandate and manage such a system is not a proper role of government.
The private sector already can, does and will continue to provide a better product, cost and quality.
SB 1 creates a new government bureaucracy and cost to the taxpayer.
Additionally, SB 1 enables collection by the State of individual employees’ income.

Family Medical Leave Decisions should be made by employers and employees, not the State.
Businesses are certainly able to decide whether Family and Medical Leave is of value to employees.
A free-market, voluntary system requires no additional state employees or costs to manage.

Additional details and rationale for our opposition to SB 1 are included in the attached document.

Ray F.Chadwick, Chairman
Granite State Taxpayers

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