Family Leave: State or Private?

Jan 28, 2019 by

GST Supports Voluntary Family and Medical Leave Insurance and Opposes Mandatory State Run Plan.

Governors Chris Sununu and Phil Scott of Vermont Introduce their Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan.
The Plan is a voluntary paid family and medical leave insurance product not currently offered in either state.
Available to all businesses, plus individuals, it will be anchored by the 18,500 state employees of both states.
It would provide enrolled employees a 60 percent wage replacement for six weeks for qualifying events.
Click here for a Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan Summary.
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Senate Bill 1 will create a Mandatory State Run Family Medical Leave Insurance Plan.
SB1 requires 0.50 percent of employee wages for a $125 wage replacement for up to 12 weeks.
The bill would require New Hampshire Employment Security to establish and administer the FMLI fund.
Department of Employment Security estimates cost of $7,706,397 and 38 new employees in FY 2022.
The program has no guarantee that premiums paid by participants will be enough to pay claims.
Click here to read SB1.

“Decisions about Family Medical Leave benefits should be made by employers and employees. The Twin State Plan respects that freedom.” said GST Chairman Ray Chadwick. “SB1 would grow government, add regulation and cost, and have the State take over a service from the private market.”

GST in 2017 and 2018 opposed a previous bill, HB628, that would have done what SB1 now intends to do.
California, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York are the only states with state-run FMLI programs.

GST supports less regulation and limited government that works within its constitutional authority. If you care about the interests of taxpayers, tell legislators to vote against SB1,” said Chadwick.

Come to the Senate Hearing Room 100 on Tuesday January 29, 2019 at 1:00 PM in to testify against SB1!
Click here for copy of Granite State Taxpayers testimony about SB1.
Click here for a link to email the Senate Finance Committee Members. Tell them to vote against SB1!
Click here to find your Legislators. Tell them to vote against SB1!

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