Secretary of State Bill Gardner

Dec 10, 2018 by

Bill Gardner Has Been Re-Elected as Secretary of State.
On December 5, 2018, Gardner narrowly won re-election to his 22nd term as Secretary of State.
The combined New Hampshire House and Senate membership voted to re-elect him on their second ballot.

On the first vote, Gardner won 208 – 207 over challenger Colin Van Ostern.
That was judged inconclusive on a ruling that the winner needed 50% of the members voting plus one.
With 215 members voting, the ruling was that the winner would need 209 votes.

In second vote, Gardner won 209 to 205, exceeding the 50% plus one threshold by one vote.

GST Supported Bill Gardner for Secretary of State.
Gardner has supported the New Hampshire First In The Nation Primary without concern for his own political future or that of any particular presidential candidate. He stands for free, fair and non-partisan elections.

“Bill Gardner has been an ally in our efforts to promote election law reform,” said GST Chairman Ray Chadwick.
“We’re pleased to have him in office for another two years.”

Congratulations to Bill Gardner on his re-election.

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