House Legislative Scorecard

Sep 18, 2018 by

Granite State Taxpayers reviewed the voting record of NH House Members in the past session.
This review shows whether they supported issues and programs beneficial to the interests of taxpayers.

To see the votes that GST considered in developing the Scorecard, click on: House Roll Call Votes
This lists each vote, the date, Bill number and title, the motion being considered, and GST preferred vote.

To review the GST scores for the 2017 – 2018 session, please click on the following links:
House Scorecard by Name.
House Scorecard Ranking by Score.

To review individual votes considered in generating the scorecard, click on: Individual Vote Details.
This Excel workbook shows votes by legislator for each of the roll-call votes reviewed for the Scorecard.
Votes are shown (1 for “Yea”, in support of the motion, or -1 for “Nay”, opposed) for the roll call votes reviewed.
The GST Position (the GST preferred vote) is also shown as either 1 for “Yea”, or -1 for “Nay”.
The GST score for each legislator is the percentage of votes in agreement with the GST preference.

Granite State Taxpayers is New Hampshire’s oldest statewide taxpayer association.
Founded in 1990 by former Governor Mel Thomson and former State Senator George Lovejoy, our mission is to inform, educate and motivate New Hampshire taxpayers and to influence the legislature on their behalf.

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