HB 628 Senate Hearing 4/5/18

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Senate Committee hearing on HB 628 is Thursday 4/5/18 at 2:30 PM in the State House Room 103!

HB628 establishes mandatory paid family and medical leave insurance (FMLI) controlled by the State.
California, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York are the only states with state-run FMLI programs.
The bill would require New Hampshire Employment Security to establish and administer the FMLI fund.
The HB628 program has no guarantee that premiums paid by participants will be enough to pay claims.

The text of HB628 includes the following statements:
The costs to operate the program are unknown.
Insurance plans currently exist that provide coverage for the types of benefits included in this legislation.
That coverage is sold, on a voluntary basis, to employers wanting to provide these benefits to their employees.

HB628 grows government, regulations and cost, to take over a service offered in the private market.
Click here, and here, to read detailed Granite State Taxpayers comments on HB 628 from February.

Join us on April 5th to speak out against Government Run Family & Medical Leave!

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