GST Opposes HB413 Pension Cost Shift

Feb 6, 2018 by

GST Opposes Having the State Pay for Local County and Town Employee Pension Costs.

HB413 would require the State to pay 15 percent of the normal and accrued liability contributions of political subdivision retirement system employers for group I teachers and group II (police and fire) members.

The remaining 85 percent will be paid by the political subdivision employers of those employees.
Those political subdivision employers pay 100 percent of such contributions under current law.

The New Hampshire House has voted HB413 “Inexpedient to Legislate” in on a roll call vote of 172-166.
A notice for reconsideration of the motion of Inexpedient to Legislate was filed on January 9, 2018.
Click here to read HB413.

HB413 would cause state expenditures to increase and county and local expenditures to decrease.
HB413 has an estimated cost to the State Budget of $40,810,000 in 2018, increasing thereafter.
Total cost for 2018 through 2021 is estimated to be $170,950,000.

GST values Local control on spending issues. Employee costs should be managed by the organizations that hire and employ them.” said GST Chairman Ray Chadwick. “We oppose HB413 because it shifts costs from local Counties and Towns and into the State Budget.

Please urge your Representatives to vote against HB413.

Click here to find your Representatives.

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