Grover Norquist Speech 12/12/17

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Grover Norquist Gave an Excellent Speech at the GST Christmas Party

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Dedicated tax fighters who braved the weather were excited to hear Grover speak last Tuesday night.

Over 120 persons RSVPd for the event, but inclement weather (snow and freezing rain) held attendance down.
Grover and ATR staff member Miriam Roff arrived after attending a Right of Center Meeting in New Jersey.

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Grover gave an informed, insightful and witty commentary on a range of topics:
Status of the current tax reform legislation in Washington
Expected benefits from the tax reform for the economy and job creation
History of tax reforms under Reagan and the political climate that influenced it
Tactics and values of the two major political parties regarding spending and taxes
Right to work and its importance for controlling spending and growth of government
The speech was recorded and will be available soon.

Thanks to Murphy’s Tap Room & Carriage House for their superb food and accommodations.


Grover again expressed support in helping Granite State Taxpayers grow in membership and influence.
“A state taxpayer group is key to keeping the state government from drifting Left and spending and taxing ever more. We look forward to working with you and the center-right meeting in NH to rebuild the conservative infrastructure that once kept NH as the shining star in New England.”


“The media works hard to convince us that prospects for tax and regulatory reform are limited at best”, said GST Chairman Ray Chadwick. “I often think their strategy and coverage are intended to discourage us. Hearing Grover, who is in Washington and understands the real situation, was encouraging for me and others.”

Thanks for joining us, Grover. We look forward to working with you in 2018!

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