GST Opposes Toll Increases

Dec 1, 2017 by

Granite State Taxpayers Opposes Highway Toll Increases!

On Wednesday, December 6, the Executive Council will consider a Grinch-style Christmas present for New Hampshire: a 27% highway toll increase that will cost us $36 million each and every year!
Click here to see the NH DOT Proposed Increases.

Even though our turnpikes are fully funded, advocates want more money to accelerate future projects.
The timing is awful.

Business Profit Tax reductions in the current and most recent budgets are working to attract new businesses to New Hampshire. The Governor has announced that New Hampshire is open for business and that the state is eager to help attract new businesses. Increasing tolls on our major highways undermines our initiative to help business growth and provide more jobs and income for New Hampshire citizens.

The current state budget has been carefully crafted so as to to maintain our infrastructure and keep taxes low. Provisions in the budget to share surplus funds with our towns and cities are evidence that the state is on the right track due to careful attention to detail regarding spending.

The late Gov. Mel Thomson said: “Low taxes are the result of low spending.” That also applies to fees and tolls.

The proposed toll increases will take more money away from our citizens and businesses, leaving less for them to apply toward growing our economy or perhaps increasing their own financial security.

Granite State Taxpayers believes “if it is not broken, don’t fix it.” Now is not the time to increase our tolls.

Please urge the Governor and Executive Councilors to stop this unwarranted toll increase.
Click here for Executive Council information.

Granite State Taxpayers is New Hampshire’s oldest state-wide Taxpayer Advocacy Group.
Our Mission: inform, educate, motivate New Hampshire taxpayers and influence the legislature on their behalf.

Ray Chadwick, Chairman, Granite State Taxpayers

Click here to download the GST Press Statement.

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